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Why You Should Use Roof Edge Protection?

Defender Roof Edge Protection

Fall From Height Statistics UK

Statistics from the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) show that falls from height are the biggest cause of death and the second biggest cause of serious injuries in the workplace. The latest figures from 2022/2023 state that 40 workers lost their lives falling from height, eleven more than the year before that, and an increase of five on the past five-year average (35 deaths).

Under the amended Work at Heights Legislation 2007, anybody in control of rooftop working has a moral and legal obligation to do all they can to ensure a safe working environment. Building owners, employers and employees must carry out risk assessments, issue method statements and decide whether alternative forms of access would be safer. The penalties for failing to provide adequate protection are severe and HSE is strictly enforcing this legislation to promote safer working environments.

Unprotected Roof Edges

Workers on unprotected roof

Roofs need to be accessed throughout the year for maintenance and repair purposes, so it’s essential to ensure your employees and contractors are protected from falls from the roof edge in all weather conditions.

The edge of the roof presents the most obvious danger and is often the first thing people think about when it comes to rooftop safety.

Safety Solutions For Unprotected Roof Edges

Roof Edge Protection For Flat Roofs

Defender Roof Edge Protection® is a free-standing rooftop guardrail, which does not penetrate the roof’s membrane. Roof guardrails are the preferred form of edge protection on flat roofs. The system complies with UK standards and prevents workers from reaching the roof’s edge or a fall hazard.

Roof Edge Protection For Metal Roofs

Another effective safety solution for roof edges is Kee Guard® for metal roofs. It is a system designed to provide fall protection on metal profile or standing seam roofs up to 45 degrees. Kee Guard is attached to the cladding panel via a special base plate engineered specifically for metal roofs to provide reliable edge protection.


Working at height on rooftops is naturally dangerous; no matter how careful people are, accidents can happen. However, that does not mean employers, facilities managers, building owners, and contractors should not do all they can to protect people working on their roofs.

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