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Defender Roof Edge Protection

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Free Standing Roof Edge Protection

Defender Roof Edge Protection® is a cost effective free standing roof top safety railings system. The system can be used on flat roofs up to a 5° slope*. Defender will provide collective fall protection ensuring safety of all workers who need access to the roof area.

The Defender Roof Edge Protection® system utilises recycled PVC weights to support a freestanding counterbalance system which does not penetrate the roof surface. The system complies fully with the requirements of BS EN 13374, BS EN 14122 and BS 13700.

*Defender installed to BS13700 or EN14122 – max roof pitch 3 degrees. Defender installed to EN13374 – max roof pitch 5 degrees.

      Why Use Defender Roof Edge Protection?

      Non Penetrating System

      Non-penetrating roof guardrails with no requirement for fixings or drilling and subsequently no repair to the roof membrane, thereby preserving your roof warranty. The PVC counterweights provide necessary protection without causing water leaking or roof damage.

      Quick & Easy To Install

      The system is quick and simple to install and its modular form allows the flexibility to cope with even the most demanding roof shapes. Two workers without specialised training can install about 9 linear meters of the system in 30 min.

      Fully Compliant

      Defender Roof Edge protection has been tested to meet current industry standards such as BS EN 13374 Class A and BS EN ISO 14122 part 3. Installations are wind speed calculated to ensure compliance with the BS 13700 standard.

      The System

      The Defender Roof Edge Protection System operates on a counterbalance principle using curved PVC counterweights as the main component. The system features 1100mm tall factory pre-assembled uprights that include open cradle fittings allowing the handrail tube to be quickly dropped into place, instead of the time consuming process of being fed through several fittings as required with other systems. The cradle fittings speeds up assembly and saves cost.

      Defender Roof Edge Protection is designed to withstand a maximum horizontal load applied perpendicular to the top rail of 300Nm or a single point load of 600Nm.

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      Wind Calculations To Ensure BS 13700 Compliance

      The BS 13700 standard, published in 2021, provides guidance for the design, performance, testing, and inspection of Permanent Counterweighted Guardrail Systems (PCGS). Any permanent free standing guardrail installed after July 2021 should be compliant with BS 13700. This means you need to take into account location, height of building and exposure level.

      We offer a FREE wind calculation to the new BS 13700 standard and issues the FREE report upon purchase of a Defender Roof Edge Protection System.

      Features & Benefits of Defender Roof Edge Protection

      • Collective fall protection
      • Uses a counterbalance system
      • Does not penetrate the roof membrane
      • Installations wind speed calculated to ensure compliance with the BS 13700
      • Can be used on roofs up to 5 degree slope
      • Suitable for asphalt, steel sheet or concrete mineral felt roofs
      • Rapid installation with no special tools required
      • No on site welding or bending required
      • Modular system
      • Minimal maintenance required
      • System compliant with BS EN 13374, EN 14122 part 3 and BS 13700
      • Fittings hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461
      • Maximum component weight of 25kg
      • Recycled components
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      Defender Roof Edge Protection – Three System Options

      Defender Roof Edge Protection Economy

      Defender Economy

      A simple and cost effective way of protecting roof edges.

      RE00G40 Uprights are positioned to a maximum bay size of 2.8m and counterweights (overall length 1942mm) are fitted on every other upright post to a maximum distance 5.6m*.

      Defender Roof Edge Protection Standard

      Defender Standard

      Shorter length counterweight tubes, enables installation in restricted roof areas.

      RE00G40 upright posts each fitted with RE1140SS counterweight assemblies (1442mm overall length) –maximum bay sizes of 2.8m*.

      Defender Roof Edge Protection Plus

      Defender Plus

      Aesthetically pleasing, curved uprights with 3 rails for added security.

      RE00G40SS upright posts placed at maximum bay sizes of 2.8m fitted with RE1140SS counterweight assemblies (1442mm overall length) on every other upright post maximum bay sizes of 5.6m*

      *Maximum bay size dependant on roof configuration and compliance standard requirements.

      For more information on Defender Roof Edge Protection, please download a brochure or  contact one of our team members today.

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      Call FastClamp on +44 (0)1384 632385 for a FREE quotation and to discuss your project.

      Call FastClamp on +44 (0)1384 632385 for a FREE quotation and to discuss your project

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