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Edge Protection For Metal Roofs

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Superior Rooftop Guardrail System for Corrugated Roofs

Roof Edge Protection for metal roofs

The Kee Guard® roof edge protection system for standing seam and metal profile roofs up to a 45° slope. A collective fall protection solution that keeps workers safe while they work on your roof. No need for PPE or specialised training.

The Kee Guard® for metal roofs features a base plate with multiple fixing centres which is fixed directly to the profile sheeting via rivets or non-penetrative two-part clamps. This unique plate design allows the system to be fitted to a wide range of profile sheet centres. The plate also provides the support for the vertical standard leg which can be adjusted from 0° to 11°. The horizontal rails are then simply fitted to the open saddle fittings to provide a complete collective fall protection solution.

Kee Guard® edge protection for metal roofs complies with the requirements of relevant UK, EU, and global safety standards.

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Why Use Kee Guard Edge Protection For Metal Roofs?

Flexible Design

Preassembled post and open cup fittings cope with valleys, corners, ridges and changes in roof level.

Easy to Install

The universal base plate with mounting holes allows the rooftop guardrail to be fitted to most ribbed metal or corrugated roofs.

Approved Compliance

Kee Guard for metal roofs has been tested to meet current industry standards including EN 14122 pt. 3, EN 13374 Class A and NF E85-003.

Features & Benefits of Kee Guard For Metal Roofs

  • Collective fall protection
  • Suits a wide range of metal profile and standing seam roofs
  • Modular off-the-shelf system
  • Available in galvanised steel or aluminium finish
  • Non-penetrative on standing seam roofs
  • Conforms to British and international safety standards

For more information on Kee Guard edge protection for metal roof, please contact one of our team members today

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Do You Need More Information About Kee Guard For Metal Roofs?

Call FastClamp on +44 (0)1384 632385 for a FREE quotation and to discuss your project.

Call FastClamp on +44 (0)1384 632385 for a FREE quotation and to discuss your project

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