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FastClamp Railings for a Manufacturing Plant


A construction company recently embarked on a project to build a state-of-the-art factory in the South of England. During the final stages of construction, the project’s managers faced a challenge – the need for high-quality, quick-to-install and cost-effective solutions for railing systems. Recognising the importance of safety in the manufacturing industry, they sought a solution that would not only meet but exceed safety requirements. That’s why they chose the FastClamp railing systems.


Safety First: Ensuring the safety of workers and visitors in and around the factory was paramount. Traditional handrails and guardrails would not suffice to meet modern safety standards.

Time and Cost Efficiency: With construction deadlines looming and a budget to adhere to, the construction company needed a railing system that could be quickly installed without the need for on-site welding or extensive fabrication.

FastClamp Solution:

The construction company opted for FastClamp railing systems, known for their versatility, speed of installation, and cost-effectiveness. These safety handrails and guardrails were installed both inside and outside the factory, significantly enhancing the overall safety environment at the plant. The FastClamp railing systems were used to:

  • Provide safety handrails on stairs
  • Improve safety on catwalks and mezzanine floors
  • Create safety zones around workstations and machinery
  • Separate traffic zones from restricted areas
  • Protect equipment and personnel from forklift and vehicle traffic
  • Shield electrical panels and hazardous storage areas

The use of galvanized steel FastClamp fittings proved to be the most flexible solution for constructing handrails, safety barriers, and railings. Guardrails were customised to meet specific on-site requirements, and their adjustability during installation made them incredibly versatile. The absence of on-site welding streamlined construction, allowing for rapid assembly in virtually any configuration.

Benefits of FastClamp Railings:

The decision to use FastClamp railing systems brought several key advantages to the project:

  • Safety Compliance: FastClamp systems ensured that safety standards were not only met but exceeded, providing a secure working environment for all.
  • Time and Cost Savings: By eliminating the need for on-site welding and complex fabrication, the construction company saved valuable time and resources.
  • Ease of Installation: FastClamp’s straightforward installation process enabled quick construction of railings in any required configuration.
  • Product Availability: The availability of FastClamp products in numerous building merchants across the UK ensured easy access to clamps, with many items readily available off-the-shelf or for next-day delivery.


FastClamp railing systems have been an important part of the Manufacturing Plant project. The client achieved enhanced safety, saved time and costs, and benefited from the availability of high-quality, compliant products. 

For more information on FastClamp products or to locate your nearest stockist, please contact our sales team.

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